As August turns to September and Northern California experiences the first tastes of fall, homeowners in Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties turn their attention to preparing for the colder months ahead. While California winters may be milder than some, there are still considerations to be made in preparation for the change in seasons. Today, our Sonoma County home builders provide advice on some of the top things we recommend when preparing your Northern California home for fall.

  1. Check your home for drafts – A green, energy-efficient home is one that does not have any cracks or gaps that can let outside air in, and inside air out. Keeping your home warm during the winter requires checking all doors and windows for cracks and ensuring proper sealing. Not only will your home be warmer, you’ll also save on your energy bills while protecting the environment—something we’re very passionate about here at Annadel Builders, Inc.!
  2. Examine your heating system – Conduct a full examination of your home’s heating system. Look carefully at every component in order to ensure optimal efficiency and functionality. Examine all of your home’s heating vents. Are any of the heating vents blocked by furniture or obstructed by carpeting, curtains, or rugs? Dust the vents and remove any blockages. Take out the filters and clean them. It’s important to contact your local Sonoma County HVAC specialist to schedule a yearly check-up of your heating system before winter sets in.
  3. Clear drains and gutters – Take a proactive step in avoiding clogged drains and leaks by clearing out your drainpipes and gutters of any debris that may have built up and collected during the spring and summer months. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. After you’re done, be sure to run water through your home’s gutters in order to ensure that there are no alignment issues and that the system is in good working order. Remove any obstructions that could be blocking downspouts and divert water away from walkways, driveways, and foundations.
  4. Test your home’s safety devices – Make sure to replace the batteries in your home carbon monoxide devices and smoke detectors, and ensure that these safety devices are functioning properly.
  5. Inspect your home’s ductwork – Ensure that ducts in your home are sealed and insulated in order to keep your home comfortable and save on energy bills.
  6. Prepare your water heater – Call your trusted professional to inspect your home’s water heater, and to drain and clean it out if necessary.
  7. Inspect your roof, chimney & fireplace – If you have a fireplace, make sure that your chimney is cleaned and inspected by a professional. Clean debris from your roof and check for any shingles that could be loose or missing.
  8. Inspect trees on your property – Are there are dying or damaged branches that could affect your home or nearby power lines if they fell? It’s important to get this potential hazard squared away before the weather changes.
  9. Schedule an appointment with your landscaper – Get your lawn and grounds prepared for fall by contacting your landscaping professional. They make recommend fertilizing your lawn to protect it from harsh winter weather and common springtime weeds. They may perform other services such as running a check on your irrigation system and conducting any necessary updates, ensuring that bushes and flowers are trimmed back, and planting bulbs for spring blooms.
  10. Clean your humidifiers – Remove and replace the filters in your humidifiers. Clean in the filter compartment using vinegar, a natural and safe solution.

Happy fall from our team at Annadel Builders, Inc.!