Fall is here, and with it come the many changes of the season. While Sonoma County residents tend to enjoy a mild to moderate fall, it does signify the end of the longer, sunnier days of summer and the beginning of cooler, crisp days–with the occasional chill. Autumn is a great time of year to take advantage of the transition away from the sweltering days of summer and ensure your home is prepared for the fall and winter months ahead. We’ve created a simple checklist for you to review when getting your home ready for the fall season! 

Evaluate Your Roof & Gutters

When the temperatures start to drop, keeping your home comfortable becomes a top priority. That’s why having your roof and other home areas (such as insulation) inspected is so essential during the early fall months. Your roof helps prevent heat from escaping–at least that’s what it is intended to do without any damages or wear and tear. If the summer heat or winds caused damage to your roof, now is the time to fix it to avoid over-taxing your home heating system and running up your energy bill. Minor or small damages to shingles or other roofing areas may seem like no big deal during the mild fall months, but those damages can grow quickly during harsher winter months. In addition to checking on your roof, you should also inspect your gutters and drains, cleaning them out if necessary so they are prepared for all the fall foliage. 

Check Those Windows & Doors

Autumn weather can feel extremely refreshing after a long, hot summer. As the temperatures finally begin to cool off, you may not notice some inefficiencies in your home insulation right away. We recommend inspecting any worn-out weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors. Summer heat can cause significant wear and tear, especially if these areas haven’t been updated in a few years or more. By installing updated weather stripping and caulking, you can better protect your home heating system and overall comfort. 

Inspect Your Home Heating System

It is a great habit to set up seasonal HVAC inspections, especially when you know you haven’t used your home heating system for several months. This can help ensure your heater is running at optimal efficiency and extend its lifetime. The last thing you want is to be stuck without heat the first evening you run your heater or handed a costly heater repair bill. Having regular maintenance done can provide long-term savings and peace of mind when it comes to home comfort. Once you’ve taken care of the seasonal maintenance, don’t forget to change out any air filters throughout the home for improved efficiency and air quality. 

Clean Up Any Dead Landscaping

This is a crucial step for any fine homes in Sonoma County and surrounding areas, as the fall season can also mean wildfire season. Debris, dead foliage and falling leaves (whether they be caused by hot NorCal temps or chillier winds) can also pose a serious risk for houses in wildfire-risk areas. By taking the time to clean up your garden or landscaped areas, you can have greater peace of mind when it comes to your household’s safety. 

Review Interior Wildfire Safety Measures 

Speaking of wildfire preparation, this is also a great time to check on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in each bedroom and level of the house (if they aren’t installed, now is the time!). Be sure to do a quick test and replace any older batteries. You should also consider setting up a chimney inspection and cleaning if you haven’t done so recently. Other steps to take include checking on your home fire extinguishers, practicing a home escape route with the entire household, and making sure you have emergency supplies easily accessible. 

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