We always make New Year’s resolutions for our health, our finances, even our personal time, but what about our homes? 2022 is the year to plan out your goals for your home, whether you are shopping for your next home or looking to make your current house meet your vision. 

Our Go-To Resolutions for Homeowners 

We know that sitting down to create a list of New Year’s resolutions can be exciting for some–and a little intimidating for others. If you are looking for resolutions you can make for your home this year, Annadel Builders, Inc. has you covered. We’ve created a quick cheat sheet you can use as a great starting point to fine-tune your specific house goals for the year. 

  • Clear the clutter – After all the holiday shopping and gift exchanges, the amount of “stuff” in your home can start to feel a little overwhelming. Take time at the beginning of the year to clear out the clutter, whether that means making selective donations, rearranging furniture, or even creating a better storage system. Making strides in this area can make your home open up again and make once tight spaces feel refreshed and renewed. 
  • Get smart & secure – With the latest developments in tech, having a smart home is easier than ever. From smart appliances to app-controlled security cameras, there are countless ways you can invest in a smarter and more secure home. Make this one of your top priorities if you are concerned about your household safety, installing cameras or even security lights to add an extra level of peace of mind. On top of safety, smart apps allow you to control your home at a touch of a button, from light switches to your sprinkler system. Having all your house features at your fingertips can be a major game-changer in 2022, allowing your home maintenance and care to become more streamlined. 
  • Improve energy efficiency – Now is the time to start getting serious about reducing your carbon footprint. Every small change can contribute towards a large impact, from installing LED light bulbs to upgrading to a smart thermostat for optimal control. Other areas you can consider improving include water efficiency (such as low flow toilets or showerheads) and energy usage. By installing solar panels and utilizing a solar battery, you can greatly reduce your household energy consumption — not to mention make a major dent in your monthly energy bills. 
  • Embrace the outdoors – Looking to enjoy more of your outdoor space? Take this next year to plan an outdoor project or two. There are plenty of options that can help you better utilize your green space, including food prep and entertainment areas, landscape design and gardens, and even DIY projects for the whole family.
  • Evaluate air quality – When was the last time you thought about your indoor air quality? As more and more people spend time working from home, it is crucial to make improving indoor air quality a top priority. Make sure you are circulating clean, healthy air planning to have your ducts checked or cleaned, investing in an air purifier, or even installing new smart smoke detectors and alarms if it’s time for an upgrade. 
  • Allow more natural light – Having sunlight flow through your home can create a warm, positive, and productive environment. Not only is daylight an essential source of vitamin D (which can boost your immune system), it is also a mood booster. Natural light can be added by rearranging furniture or window fixtures, incorporating glass elements such as mirrors or reflective sculptures, or even adding windows or a skylight for letting in optimal sunshine. 
  • Invest in your dream home – The 2021 real estate market was one for the record books, and the verdict is still out on how 2022’s market will fair. Our solution? Build your own dream home rather than trying to fight for one against countless other buyers. Make this the year you finally take your vision and turn it into a reality. Finding the right contractor to help you craft your dream luxury home may seem like a big resolution, but it’s one our Sonoma fine home builders are ready to take on. 

Another year has passed, and soon enough, it will be time to sit down and reflect on how the year 2022 went. Don’t let this year pass by without seizing the opportunities in front of you, from building your dream home to creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle.