Summer in Northern California is the perfect time for outdoor activities, and there’s nothing better than having a backyard that facilitates these! At Annadel Builders Inc., we believe in a home that is the social hub of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment. Is your yard ready for summer activities? If not, check out our top summer projects below to upgrade your home’s outdoor space and ensure you make the most of beautiful Wine Country’s long summer days. Planning ahead to contract on a project or two will provide you with many years of satisfaction and enjoyment. These are our top projects to enhance your backyard summertime experience:

  1. Pergola—Add structure to your backyard landscaping with a Renaissance-era Pergola. A classic garden feature, Pergolas add structure and elegance as covered walkways, patio partitions, hot tub covers, or arbors. Planting climbing plants such as wisteria or grapevines can also add color to the Pergola’s otherwise simplistic design and provide your yard with additional shade and greenery. Next best to an actual trip to the Italian countryside, imagine watching the sunset with a glass of local Napa or Sonoma wine underneath your vine-covered Pergola!
  2. Backyard BBQ smoker—Switch from a barbeque to a backyard smoker to upgrade your summertime cookouts. Smokers allow you to enhance the quality of your meals by adding flavor to the foods you prepare. Different varieties of wood chips are available to complement the food you’re preparing, including: alder, apple, hickory, and maple. Once your smoker is installed, you’ll be able to broaden your repertoire of outdoor dishes with smoked meat, flatbread, fish, vegetables, and cheeses.
  3. Backyard fire pit—It doesn’t get more classic than summer nights roasting marshmallows around a fire pit. Check out sites like Houzz or Pinterest for design inspiration and unique ideas that will make your fire pit stand out!
  4. Outdoor shed—If you’re looking for extra storage, consider having an outdoor shed built! An outdoor shed is the perfect addition to your home to provide practical storage unit for summertime recreational tools, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles, or simply to store overflow garden tools, power equipment, car-care supplies, etc. In addition to having the extra storage, it will allow you to open up space for extra improvements or additions.
  5. Raised garden beds—Up your gardening game by having raised garden beds built. Productive, attractive, and easy to maintain, raised garden beds allow you to customize your soil and compost blend, create built-in drainage, and increase sun exposure. You’ll be able to make a landscaping statement while simultaneously getting the most out of your garden.