If you’ve been paying attention to the housing market–especially in California–you know that each month seems to set a new record for real estate pricing, demand and lower inventory. Battling it out with other hungry homeowners to find your dream home in the right area can be exhausting and emotionally draining. That’s why we are confident more and more people are going to start considering custom home building instead of battling it out on the real estate market. There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to both home buying and home building, but 2022 is setting up a strong campaign for homebuyers to consider finally building that dream home instead. 

Top Reasons to Consider Building vs. Buying

  • Catastrophically” low housing inventory levels – Last year was already a record-breaking year for U.S. home price growth according to economists. While demand for housing in California remains off the charts, inventory has dramatically leveled off at the start of 2022, igniting extreme bidding wars (maybe even more extreme than 2021), even as interest rates climb back up. In other words, the frenzy over every new home listing isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. This makes home building a much more appealing process. 
  • Customization from the ground upOf course, when you buy a pre-built home, customization is still possible, it just requires some demo and remodeling work along the way. Starting with a clean slate with a new home build allows you to have complete control over every detail of the house layout, design, and other details. This can be a financial incentive, especially if you feel like you need to compromise with whatever house you can find within your preferences in such a highly competitive housing market. You can ensure every detail you have envisioned for your dream home is incorporated into your design, from custom tiles in the bathroom to an open concept kitchen to a unique outdoor entertaining space. 
  • Generally less maintenance – Over time, everything begins to wear down, especially in a home. Even if a home is in relatively good or recently updated condition, years or even decades will take a toll on any structure. Many homebuyers know that within just months or a few years, they could have to update or even replace the appliances a home comes with. When you build a new home, you can have peace of mind knowing that every appliance is brand new, the roof is up to date, plumbing is up to code, HVAC and insulation is done to the highest standards, and so much more. A new home will meet all current building codes and incorporate the latest in construction design and technology. 
  • More energy-efficient and green – In California, there are many home building requirements that help homeowners build more environmentally friendly homes. Green home building is extremely important and a new home can be built with the latest technology to cut down on carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact. Further, new green home designs include energy efficient elements, such as appliances, solar panels, and other technology that can help cut down on household utility usage and expenses. This benefits the homeowner by creating a more efficient home and the environment by reducing consumption. 

Crafting Sustainable Luxury Homes with Intention

There are plenty more reasons to consider building a new luxury home in this market rather than searching for a pre-owned one. At the end of the day, buying a home means you’ll have to make some design compromises or plan renovations down the road — simply put, you won’t get all the items on your wish list. While many homebuyers accept this, others are looking for more control over their living experience.   

At Annadel Builders, Inc, we know that Sonoma County is a hot market and one that can be tricky to find the right home in. As Sonoma fine home builders, we pride ourselves on delivering homes that surpass our clients’ expectations and checklists. We build finely crafted sustainable homes with intention. If you are interested in building a luxury home in Napa County or the surrounding area, we are ready to discuss your project.