Photo: Tanya Sedgwick, Head Controller at Annadel Builders, Inc.

Every successful building project begins with a budget. One of the biggest obstacles facing a construction project is determining an estimate that accurately reflects the final cost. With an inaccurate project budget, it becomes a difficult and frustrating task to both compare contractors and to plan for future expenses. At Annadel Builders Inc., we can assure you that our priority is accurate estimates and transparent billing. With integrated accounting and project management departments, we strive to provide outstanding billing and cost tracking services through advanced software analytics and interdepartmental coordination. Led by our head Controller Tanya Sedgwick, our team provides customers with detailed invoices and real-time cost comparisons so you are informed every step of the way.

Our first step in ensuring cohesiveness is through identical billing and estimating templating, allowing for easy comparison of the real-time and the projected budget. Using three highly developed software programs, our team integrates current costs within the framework of the original estimate. No ambiguity, no grey areas. Instead, our templates provide a one-to-one comparison tool, giving direct feedback on budget adherence and projected completion.

Our Estimating and Billing templates are formatted using the nationally standardized Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), MasterFormat. This allows for easily understood and translatable cost codes. What does this mean for you? It means consistency, clarity, and estimates that reflect the end result. As soon as a cost is processed by our accounting department, it is immediately communicated to the project management department for cost comparisons and discussion. Should any discrepancy arise at this point, it is quickly identified and resolved within the framework of a revised project strategy. By involving both teams in estimates and billing, we ensure the invoices sent to our clients are complete, exact, and represent the actual work in place. Our goal in this is to provide clients with the assurance of absolute billing accuracy, while also providing a current monthly cost reporting.

With a knowledgeable and coordinated team dedicated to complete client satisfaction, we can assure you that the stress of inaccurate and unpredictable billing will forever be a thing of the past. Using the data provided by our templates for quick and easy comparison between original cost estimates and current billings, you will be able to view an accurate and itemized summary of expenses. No need to deal with unpleasant surprises, incorrect billing, or incomplete projects. Our Sonoma builders are committed to bringing you the home you’ve dreamed of while assuring transparency in our estimating and billing practices, giving you complete confidence in our work and communication.