At Annadel Builders Inc., we believe that the best living spaces incorporate not only the finest possible construction and structural design, but also function as a canvas for the unique self-expression of each homeowner. We believe that your home should be the place where your own styles, tastes, and preferences are most clearly displayed. If you’re still figuring out your style, or simply looking for inspiration, check out some of the designs trending in Napa and Sonoma counties this fall!

  1. Curved sofas – One of the biggest trends our Sonoma County custom home builders have identified for 2018 has been to move away from boxy shapes and sharp edges in favor of more rounded furniture. Curved sofas provide the double benefit of reorienting seating arrangements toward easier conversation and of replacing flat, ugly sofa backs with an elegant and organic curve that naturally adds to, instead of taking away from, its environment.
  2. Black decorating – Powerful, elegant, simple—these are the statements that black designs inspire. From black furniture to black prints, finishes, and fixtures, this color has made a bold re-entry into interior design. Especially favored in kitchen decorating, black creates a sophisticated aura that compliments high-contrast sculptures and fixtures. Consider designing a room with a black statement wall while using light colors to complement and enhance the overall size and appearance of the space.
  3. Bold graphic rugs – The perfect statement piece to add interest, variety, and charm to any living space, graphic rugs create a modern element while helping to separate dining, entrance, and living areas.
  4. Mixed materials and maximalist designs – Slowly, interior design has begun to turn from minimalism and toward bold and glamorous maximalist design schemes. Let yourself go a little wild with bold, juxtaposing statement pieces, rich fabrics and materials, and vibrant colors. Finding your own maximalist style is a balancing act between eclecticism and order, but the process is fun and results in a living space that carries more intrinsic value because of it. Express yourself through designs that speak to you. As you do, tell a story in your design. Whether inspired by the wildlife of the Congo or the Baroque time period, try to create a sense of continuity within the diversity.
  5. Wallpaper – Transform any room with a mesmerizing wallpaper design. A great way to add an interesting twist to a mundane living space, wallpaper designs are bolder and more decorative than ever before. The most popular designs include abstract shapes, landscape scenery, and colorful geometric patterns. Add an extra sense of luxury and extravagance with wallpaper that cannot be achieved by painted finishes.
  6. Organic earth tones – This design trend aims to be holistic, harmonious, and nature-inspired. Look to combine warm and natural elements with earthen luxury. Examples of this include materials that mimic the look of nature, natural materials such as wood, stone, granite, marble, etc., and statement handcrafted pieces that are made from recycled furniture. The idea behind this design is to communicate a continuity between the outside environment and the indoors. Contrary to maximalist designs, this decorating scheme leans towards part minimalism and part untamed naturalism. Look to incorporate greenery, texture, neutral palettes, and modern lines.