At Annadel Builders, we make it a goal to stay abreast of the latest trends in home design so as to ensure that we are always able to provide our clients with optimal service, creating uniquely beautiful home designs in Napa, Marin, and Sonoma counties. Check out the latest trends in home designs that our team has been tracking!

  1. Modern Farmhouse Chic – One of the most fabulous and popular new trends in interior design is the Modern Farmhouse look, which robs from traditional “farmhouse” features—plenty of sunshine and light, white stone, wooden beams on the ceiling, etc.—and gives it a modern feel, incorporating clean lines and sleek edges. As technology continues to dominate the modern world, there is a sense of longing for natural materials and timeless designs that create an atmosphere of traditional comfort. We love that this trend blends seamlessly with the rustic, organic, and natural ascetic that comes so naturally to many Northern California homeowners!
  2. Location of secondary bedrooms – Some modern parents prefer to keep their children’s rooms close to their own, breaking away from a traditional home design that created more space between the living areas. As a result, many home layouts feature master bedrooms with secondary rooms nearby.
  3. Geometric patterns – From wall art accents to wallpaper to kitchen backsplashes to tile to throw pillows, the geometric trend is easy to incorporate, adding a little interest and edge to any room.
  4. Bathtub trends – It seems most homeowners either love their bathtubs and use them all the time, or they never use them at all—without too much middle ground between these extremes. When they are used, most people prefer a quiet, personal experience. Recent home trends are beginning to reflect this preference, with bathtubs being placed in more private corners rather than “front and center” as the focal point of the bathroom, allowing more room for a spacious shower and other features that can create a lux spa feeling, while still facilitating that private getaway experience bath time offers.
  5. Typography – This trend has been popular for some time now, and it’s still going strong! Using prominent messaging throughout your home as accents or on pieces of décor adds a bold, powerful look that is extremely of-the-moment.
  6. Metal & metallics – Whether you want to completely lean into this trend with a copper range hood or metal dining room table, or start small with a set of metallic or pearlescent throw pillows or lamp shades, this trend adds interest, depth, and artistic whimsy.
  7. Outdoor showers – A new trend that combines form and practicality is the outdoor shower. Long regarded as the most elegant solution for rinsing off chlorine after a dip in the pool, homeowners are increasingly choosing to stylize this space by adding a little luxury and functionality for a less utilitarian, more indulgent outdoor shower experience.