Aside from everyone’s favorite spring pastime (spring cleaning, of course), this season is a great time to get ahead of your home to-do list. From indoor updates to outdoor upgrades, there are plenty of projects to consider for your home. 

Before you get overwhelmed with the possibilities, just remember that Annadel Builders, Inc. is your go-to team for luxury home renovations and construction in Sonoma County and beyond. We pride ourselves on our innovative home remodels and updates, delivering superior craftsmanship and sustainable designs. We want our customers to feel the quality of our fine home builds and renovations no matter the size of the project.

1. Kick it Off with a Kitchen Makeover

So you’ve Marie Kondo’d your way through all the closet cleaning, recycling, and room redesigning you can muster. You may feel like there is only so much reorganizing of spice racks and mixing bowls that you can do before more drastic action needs to be taken. Spring is a great time for planning a fresh update to your kitchen, whether you settle on some minor upgrades or go for a complete renovation

Opening up your kitchen can allow you to welcome in more natural light and create a more enjoyable living space. That may involve taking down walls, installing ceiling support beams, and additional contractor work to ensure your new open concept flows. Other simpler updates that can breathe fresh life into your kitchen include painting cabinets, updating countertops, designing a custom island, and installing a new light feature. Even simply adding additional windows can provide that ideal bright and sunny kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Give Your Outdoor Entertainment Space a Facelift 

Spring is officially here, which means you can probably start taking advantage of your beautiful outdoor space once again. Not satisfied with your current backyard set up?

Consider some of these potential projects: 

  • Building a deck for more official outdoor entertainment 
  • Adding thoughtfully designed landscape, including more eco-friendly vegetation 
  • Installing a stone fire pit with built-in seating, chiminea, or other custom fire feature 
  • Enhance your patio functionality with a covered pergola or screened-in sunroom 
  • Designing an outdoor kitchen and / or BBQ island 

Whether you already have a deck that simply needs refreshing or are still daydreaming about that perfect outdoor kitchen, now is the time to give your backyard a bit of a facelift. Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC–paint, wood stain, trimming the trees–while other times some more serious work is needed. Our fine home builders are available when you’re ready to discuss your outdoor vision!

3. Refresh Your Home Exterior 

When you want your home to blossom, the exterior is a great place to start. Simple exterior updates that can be done include refreshing the paint — whether with a bold color change or simply a new coat for extra shine. You can also add accent features and details, such as siding, planter boxes, custom wood shutters, and new energy-efficient windows. One of the most important exterior projects to consider? Replacing your roof with more modern materials. This could be for a more elegant look or improved efficiency and coverage. If you do replace or repair your roof, it can be a good time to update your gutters to streamline exterior updates.

4. Develop a Sustainable Home Garden 

Entertainment space and luxury landscape aren’t the only upgrades an outdoor area can undergo. Many homeowners add home gardens full of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Not only do home gardens add beauty and character to a backyard, but they also provide an outdoor activity for the whole family to engage in. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, there are certain plants that can be selected for their lower maintenance needs.

Sustainable home gardens are designed and planted with detailed thoughtfulness. This goes beyond simply filling a planter box with soil and herb varieties. Everything from water conservation, plant diversity and balance, pollination, and seasonal sun location is reviewed. A sustainable garden is a great springtime project to give your household direct access to fresh produce without compromising on environmental considerations. 

5. Improve Energy Efficiency With Solar Panels

Another great project to consider in the spring? Installing solar panels on your roof ahead of the summer sunshine. What better time to get a home energy update than before the hot months that result in major spikes in your cooling bills? Solar panels have become an extremely popular green home upgrade in the last years, and for good reason. According to estimates, the average homeowners in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties can pocket net savings between $39,500 and $53,500 over 20 years on their energy bills by installing solar panels. That includes an electricity bill offset between 86% and 116% — meaning nearly all your energy costs will be covered, with a possible surplus! 

From energy-efficient updates to fresh new exterior features, there are plenty of seasonal spring projects you can tackle. Whether the project is big or small, make sure you have the right contractor on the job!