What’s Right for You?

When it comes to the home you live in, having a comfortable, elegant, beautiful space is important. For some, that may mean simply renovating or remodeling parts of their current home. For others, that may mean searching out their dream design through new construction. While both options can have their pros and cons, the bottom line is that the right option for one family might not work for another family. That means you’ll have to do the work to map out your wish list of items in a home and determine if you can get that with a current home with some minor updates and renovations or if your dream home will call for some custom construction.

Why Opt for Custom Home Construction

If budget concerns aren’t holding you back, new home construction is likely something you’ve considered. One of the main drawbacks for new home construction aside from budget is location — you may have to purchase a plot of land or demolish an older home in a location you love to get your dream home exactly where you want it.

Once you’ve nailed down the location part, you can be confident knowing your decision was right if the following matter to you:

  • Having ultimate control over the layout and footprint of your home

  • Customized details and aspects for your specific preferences, from hidden outlets to larger bathrooms to custom lighting

  • Maximizing long-term savings with a more efficient home through the most up-to-date construction practices, from insulation to HVAC to solar and more

  • Creative and unique vision for style of home

  • More environmentally friendly construction materials used in your home, reducing carbon footprint

These are just a few examples of elements that might draw you to new home construction. As fine home builders in Sonoma and surrounding counties, Annadel Builders, Inc. is passionate about meeting the needs of our community. We draw upon the latest construction practices to ensure we craft sustainable homes built to withstand the climate in Northern California. Our team believes in not only being stewards of our clients’ resources and finances, but stewards of the environment as well, maintaining green building and design practices.

Why Opt for Renovating a Current Home

Of course, there are some circumstances when renovating or remodeling a current home is more desirable than designing and building a completely new home. Whether due to budgetary restrictions or having a home with historical character, you may choose to go the renovation route. In most cases, the renovation process also requires a much shorter timeline than a brand new build.

For homeowners who love their current home but are simply looking to add a little value, more space, or upgrade certain living areas, a renovation can be a quicker project and more budget-friendly as well. A downside to renovations is that over time, if you want to renovate a majority of the house, it may end up costing the same amount of money and time as a new home design would have when calculating the value of selling the current home.

Other cons to consider include:

  • Living in your home while construction is going on can be a headache

  • May run into financing issues with remodeling and ongoing unexpected costs as projects stack up

  • You can’t dramatically change the floor plan without costs spiking

If you are on the fence about selling or renovating your home, a great place to start is finding a custom home builder you like and discussing your goals with them. At Annadel Builders, Inc., we look forward to reviewing our clients’ visions and helping them create their dream homes.

Our team has provided building and estate development services in Sonoma County and surrounding areas for years and knows the ins and outs of building codes for our area. From Napa and Marin to Sonoma counties, our luxury home builders have tackled custom projects all over the area.