Are you currently in the trenches of building or remodeling your dream kitchen? While this process can be extremely draining, it is well worth the investment of your time, energy, and love. 

People tend to spend the majority of time in their home in just a few areas–with the kitchen being one of those. While every space in a house is important to a homeowner, the kitchen is often the main hub for any family. Whether it involves sipping a cup of freshly poured coffee in the morning, dinner prep around a spacious island countertop, or catching up while cleaning up the dishes, the kitchen brings people together. It serves as a strong centerpiece feature of any home. 

So what are the must-have features for your luxury kitchen? Annadel Builders, Inc. has you covered! We build luxury homes in Sonoma, Healdsburg, and across wine country, covering everything from high-end, eco-friendly homes to custom, intentional designs. Let’s dive into just a few of the most popular kitchen features of 2021 below! 

Extending Your Space with a Double Island 

Kitchen trends are continuing to lean into the open concept style paired with increasing square footage. As kitchen sizes expand, the double island has become a luxury that any homeowner would love to have. With so much open space, a second island doubles the amount of actual usable space within a kitchen without taking away from sightlines. You can dedicate one island to food prep and entertainment while the other can be utilized as a homework space, snacking area, breakfast hub, space to get work done with a cup of coffee always nearby, and so much more. Additionally, having a second island gives you double the storage area for all your tools and high-end appliances, making it a dream kitchen component for any aspiring chef. 

Especially in light of the recent spike of people working from home, having extended countertop space in the kitchen feels all the more essential. 

Ditching Handles for a Streamlined Finish 

Kitchens can be a place of clutter. When not designed properly, a kitchen can feel cramped, crowded, and stressful rather than like the comforting hub of the home that it should be. There are many design elements and layout choices that can impact the vibe of a kitchen. A more recent cabinet trend exemplifies the desire of many homeowners to simplify their space and design styles: handleless cabinets and drawers. The streamlined design of push-open and close doors allows for a kitchen to stay in sync with contemporary styles while giving a homeowner a more natural, free-flowing feel when working in and around the kitchen. Though the detail seems small, it’s a luxury upgrade that can dramatically change the feeling and multi-tasking speed within the space. Ditching the bulky cabinet door hardware can add modern style and ease, whether through push-open technology or sleek recessed handles.

Upgrading to Elevated Appliances 

Everyone has a unique dream kitchen design, though normally it involves some version of superior level prep space and custom cooking appliances. The move towards a high-end chef-level kitchen has involved homeowners adding everything from a double-tap sink for multiple cooks in the kitchen to industrial-quality cooking ranges.

Other common kitchen appliance upgrades to look out for: 

  • Modular cooktops 
  • Custom range hoods (moving away from bulky industrial style)
  • Dedicated beverage centers such as wine cooler, wet bar, etc. 
  • Premium refrigerator and freezer with custom paneling 
  • Built-in coffee systems (especially with more and more people working from home) 
  • Steam ovens, which are a great alternative to microwaves 

Creating More Functional Kitchen Storage 

Another trendy streamlined feature homeowners are utilizing more and more is the hidden smart appliance. Why waste countertop space with a microwave? Why take away from beautiful custom cabinets with a large silver block of a dishwasher? Why not have your fridge blend into the kitchen design instead of sticking out? Keeping countertops clear and cabinet visuals uninterrupted is a key design feature homeowners are leaning towards in 2021. Clutter on the countertops can be frustrating and cumbersome, taking away from prep space and a work zone. Having non-essential appliances moved into the pantry or paneled into the cabinetry are great ways to make your kitchen feel more open, spacious, and practical. 

At the end of the day, your kitchen is one of the most trafficked spaces in your house, so why not declutter, reorganize, and let the less than beautiful appliances stay tastefully tucked away and out of sight for a more sleek aesthetic. Hidden appliance storage keeps your kitchen functional without sacrificing the beautiful design you’ve dreamed up. 

Investing in Environmentally Aware Design

Though not a brand new trend, sustainable home building continues to gain more and more traction, especially for luxury home builds in Healdsburg, Sonoma, and across Northern California. There have been many advances in green home building over the last few decades though, going beyond just the basics. Now, more homeowners are finding ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly materials throughout kitchens as well. 

This includes utilizing eco-friendly flooring, VOC-free paints and coatings, water-efficient fixtures and appliances, formaldehyde-free, recycled and reclaimed wood for cabinets, recycled concrete materials, and much more. Energy-efficient lighting is also a great way to improve the sustainable design of a kitchen. This can be done through more natural lighting through smart windows and skylights, as well as through LEDs and smart light fixtures. Appliances have also become easier to upgrade, from dishwashers to refrigerators to modern induction range tops and convection ovens (that far outperform gas appliances). Since a typical home’s kitchen appliances can account for 10% or more of energy usage, incorporating smart, energy-efficient appliances has become all the more important in green kitchen design. 

Adding Drama & Mixed Materials 

The kitchen should be a warm and welcoming zone in any home, however, that doesn’t mean it should feel bland and basic. More and more high-end kitchens are incorporating a sliver of drama (some more dramatic than others) to elevate the space with more character. While so many homeowners have gravitated towards a clean, simple, white space, modern kitchens are leaning towards including more unique design elements. Bold colors, custom backsplash tile, and a mixture of materials (timber, marble, brass, steel, copper, matte black finishes, etc.) throughout can make a bold, dramatic statement without taking away from the coziness of the space. While styles can range from industrial to European, the take on these styles is far from staying within classic expectations. 

Keep an eye out for ways to utilize these elements in your kitchen: 

  • Statement / decorative ventilation hoods ranging from sleek, blended design to a beautiful piece of artwork
  • Bold sink designs, including darker finishes and more variation in materials (moving away from basic white or stainless steel farmhouse style) 
  • Incorporation of tactile, contrasting materials to create more defined zones 
  • Custom tile work on walls and spaces outside of just the usual backsplash zone 
  • Cascading dark stone slabs for countertops that add moodier feels to bright kitchen spaces 
  • Woven light shades or minimal metal designs for statement light fixtures 
  • Increased natural light through windows and window treatment selection to balance out the moodier features added 

Whether you want your home kitchen to make a statement with dramatic style, sustainability, or a sleek, streamlined look, make sure you go with a contractor that can tackle everything from A to Z. Annadel Builders, Inc. is proud to be a Sonoma luxury home builder with the tools and resources to handle it all. If you’d like to discuss your dream kitchen designs, contact our team today to start laying the foundation.