Let’s talk laundry rooms. It may not be the most exciting room in the house, but many of us spend a good amount of time in ours! Daily use sometimes devolves what once was a clean, organized workspace into a bit of a mess, making laundry a more unpleasant chore than it has to be.

At Annadel Builders, Inc., we care about every detail of a home. Our Sonoma builders know how important it is for a living space to be both practical and pleasant. If you’re looking for a home improvement project to keep you busy as it gets colder outside, why not optimize the laundry room? In this blog post, we’ve laid out a step-by-step reorganization plan with the goal of helping you create a space that is efficient and enjoyable.

Step 1: Make a plan.

Streamline your reorganization process by attacking the biggest tasks first, followed by the easier, less essential revisions. Simply stated: prioritize the tasks you want to accomplish, rate their difficulty, estimate the time and/or supplies needed, and execute your plan.

Step 2: Tackle cleaning tasks.

It’s always a good idea from time to time to have your appliances cleaned inside and out so that they work optimally. Here’s a handy guide if you want to tackle this job yourself!

-Clean the washer: Begin by using a damp sponge or microfiber cloth to clean both the exterior and the interior of your washer. Make sure to pay special attention to the rubber seals around the washer door. Next, remove your washer’s detergent dispensers and lint traps and wash them with soap and warm water. To kill bacteria and decrease hard water build-up, pour one to two cups of white vinegar in the washer and run it on its hottest setting.

-Clean the dryer: Just as with the washer, wipe down the inside and outside of your dryer with a sponge or wet cloth. Remove and vacuum the lint filter, then unfasten the dryer hose from the back of the machine and vacuum the lint from the hose and the duct. If you are unsure how to remove the dryer hose, check the owner’s manual for instructions.

-Deep clean: Now it’s time for a good old-fashioned deep cleaning. Dust and vacuum the room from top to bottom, throwing out any old dryer sheets, emptying detergent containers, and tossing lint balls and other debris that you find along the way. Clean the counters, shelves, and doors, and wash the rugs and curtains if needed. Finish off by mopping the floors.

Step 3: Declutter

Here’s where the real organizing begins! Do you know what all the bottles in your laundry contain? If not, take a moment to sort through all the products, throwing out empty or unused bottles. Next, divide remaining products into two categories: Daily use and rare or specialty use. Place the daily use products in the most accessible storage positions, such as nearer to the washer and lower on the shelf. Store the rarely-used items in whatever space remains. Finish off by replenishing whatever you may be running short on, such as hand soap, detergent, dryer sheets, etc.

Step 4: Practical enhancements.

Now that your laundry room is clean and decluttered, the task of organizing what remains becomes a breeze! Below are some of our favorite ideas for maximizing space, increasing efficiency, and discouraging clutter.

-Hang your ironing board: Save space by either hanging your bulky ironing board up on the wall, or by building a closet containing a pull-out board as shown.

-Create pull-out drying racks: These racks act as fast-drying boards for all your delicate clothes while taking up minimal space.

-Use baskets and trays for organizing: Maximize your space by grouping products in separate baskets and trays. Not only is it more attractive, it is also much more efficient since it allows you to grab what you need without rummaging through an overcrowded shelf.

-Install a clothes rack: Whether you need a designed zone for clothes to drip-dry or a place to hang freshly ironed dress shirts, having a clothes rack reduces hassle and considerably frees up your laundry room space.