Many modern homeowners are choosing efficiency of space in order to reduce environmental impact. If you’re working with a small living room space, you may have some unique design challenges. No fear! At Annadel Builders Inc., we know how important it is for you to feel your home is comfortable and accessible. As a company distinguished by our green building practices, we love working with homeowners who want to focus on simplicity and sustainability without compromising comfort and design. Check out our Sonoma green home builders’ tips for maximizing small spaces to create a feel of depth and space.

  • Mirrors and wallpaper – Prevent a small living room from feeling boxed in by adding depth and light with patterned wallpaper and hanging mirrors. If possible, try hanging the mirror across from a window so that more light is reflected into the room.
  • Hidden storage – Minimize clutter and make the most of furniture pieces by selecting styles with built-in storage. Look for trunks or storage ottomans as living room centerpieces and for small dressers or credenzas to line the walls. Another good place to store is underneath windows. Try turning bowed or box windows into mini storage zones with built-in cabinets that—with a few added cushions—can double as window seats. This will further open up space by replacing other seating.
  • Angled furniture – Create the illusion of openness and space by positioning furniture at an angle that allows for accessibility. Angle chairs and sofa slightly towards a focal point, such as coffee table, fireplace, or TV. If you have the space, pair chairs to balance the presence of the sofa. Finally, make sure to leave enough room for foot traffic, and arrange with face-to-face conversations in mind.
  • Exposed furniture legs – Thin, exposed furniture legs open up ground level visual space, allowing a cramped space to feel less oppressive. Try pairing this style with coffee tables, chairs, and sofas to stretch limited space and lighten a heavily furnished room.
  • Vertical decorating – If your living room happens to have tall ceilings, take advantage by decorating up the walls as well as the ground level. This will help draw eyes upward, creating the illusion of space. What’s more, it will create a visual depth and complexity to decorating that will compliment plainer furnishings.
  • Downsized sofa – Free up living room space by downsizing the bulkiest furnishing—the sofa. Look for small-scale sofas in antique shops, which carry furnishings from a time when the average room size was much smaller than today’s. Consider incorporating small settees, chairs, and love seats to replace a bulkier sofa.
  • “Invisible” pieces – Use “invisible” glass pieces to add more space and light to an area. Notice how even a large coffee table seems to take up minimal space when made of glass. In addition, glass looks good with nearly all design schemes and can include gold, bronze, wood, etc. detailing to tie in with the room’s décor.