Choosing the best custom home construction company may be the most important decision you’ll make in your building process. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. We recommend the following steps.

  1. Focus on quality – As you begin the build process, remember: A custom house is more than simply a place of residence, it’s a home reflecting your style and values, where you and your family will share life for years to come. The last thing you want are intrusive, ongoing repairs. Make sure that the home building company you pair with values quality and long-term sustainability as much as you do. Tour previous projects and ask detailed questions about the quality of the construction products used.
  2. Do your research – With so many companies offering similar services, the task of selecting the best one for your situation can seem overwhelming. Simplify the process by laying a foundation of solid background information before approaching any builder. Start with a Google search of home builders in your area, then compare company websites for builders whose vision best aligns with your own. Study portfolios and mission statements for an idea of each company’s culture and values. Look for companies with certifications, credibility, and community roots. Ask for advice from friends and community members who have completed custom home builds. Have them weigh in on what they consider to be the most important issues, as well as any mistakes or pitfalls they might warn you to avoid.
  3. Prioritize transparency – Look for builders who are able to give clear answers to simple questions, such as timelines and comprehensive estimates. Listen carefully as they explain their building philosophies, and ask about the type of materials they use. Avoid builders who are unable to answer questions like these openly and comprehensively.
  4. Prioritize sustainable building practices – Look for companies that value green, sustainable construction practices. You’ll know that this is a builder cares about the planet, their clients, and the end result. They’re not looking for easiest way to get something done. They want to do it the right way. They care about the future and they want you to feel good in your new home, and feel good about your new home.
  5. Make sure your communication styles are in sync – Perhaps the most important step toward securing a successful end result lies in establishing excellent communication with your building team. If you find yourself unable to connect well with a contractor, they may not be the right fit. Look for prompt and relevant answers to your questions, thorough feedback, applicable suggestions, and the kind of confident competence that will let you know you’re in good hands throughout the build. In the end, the ideal building team is one that will work hard to create a home that perfectly matches the requirements you’ve shared.
  6. Experience matters – While every home builder has to start somewhere, it’s important to never underestimate the value of a strong resume. When it comes to building your Wine Country luxury home, you need to look for nothing less than the best. Maintain strong expectations. How long has the company you’re considering been in business? Do they have expertise in building the type of home you’re interested in? How well have their projects stood the test of time? How are they viewed in the community? What types of credentials do they have?
  7. Survey past home clients –Absolutely essential to choosing a construction company is a thorough familiarity with past customer satisfaction. Check online reviews or speak with prior customers if that is an option. Would they recommend this builder to their family and friends? How do their concerns compare with what you’re looking for in a home construction experience?

At Annadel Builders, Inc., we understand the importance of the decision you’re making when you choose a Northern California home builder. We count every job we are hired to complete as an honor—and one we take very seriously. We are proud of our history, our reputation, and our community standing. Whether you’re just beginning the process or you’re narrowing down your options, we encourage you to do your research and choose the Wine Country builder that’s right for you. We wish you all the success and many years of joy in your dream home! If you have any questions about our team, our sustainable building practices, or our process, be sure to contact our office to learn more.