There are 365 days in a year, but we all know that the holidays dominate the calendar. Whether it’s summer fireworks and BBQs or festive fall gatherings, having a home that is designed with holiday celebrations in mind can be a major draw. While every holiday can be enjoyed in any place that family and friends gather, having a space where you can comfortably host your loved ones is a major wish list item for homeowners.

Annadel Builders Inc. understands the balance between beautiful and functional, and we strive to achieve that as leading fine home builders in Sonoma County. Luxury homes shouldn’t just have all the latest and greatest appliances, highest quality materials, and most beautiful furnishings — they should be built with intentionality. Our luxury home builders design each and every home with the smallest details in mind. Every aspect of our clients’ desired lifestyle is considered in our sustainable designs and builds. 

Checklist for Functional Hosting Space 

One of the major factors our clients consider? Hosting. Family, friends, and loved ones of all ages gather around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of year, prospective homeowners often start to wonder how they can maximize their current space or start writing down wish list items for the next home. 

What are some ways homes can be designed to accommodate holiday hosting and beyond? 

We’ve got a quick California Christmas hosting checklist for you:

  • Open the doors to your outdoor space – Living in California means that, armed with a cozy blanket or solid sweater, you can likely enjoy much of your outdoor entertainment space year-round. Expand your holiday hosting into your backyard by building a zone family and friends can’t help but love to hang out in. Having a fire pit or covered outdoor grilling space instantly expands the footprint of your home and makes hosting feel warm and inviting, even if the air is brisk and refreshing. After all, what says holiday spirit more than enjoying a glass of mulled wine by the outdoor fire?  
  • Create an open concept kitchen and dining layout – The open concept design has been popular for a while for good reason. The more space your guests have to mingle and stretch out without running into walls or having to walk down hallways to get from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa, the more relaxing the entire holiday festivities will feel. A kitchen designed with hosting in mind also allows the homeowner to comfortably invite even those extended relatives. From double islands to custom cabinet designs, there are plenty of components that can be incorporated to make hosting feel enjoyable again. 
  • Utilize smart technology for efficiency Designing a fine home is about more than just a creative floor plan or utilizing high-end materials; it demands a certain level of attention to efficiency. That is why we incorporate high-end craftsmanship paired with smart technology, from building techniques to appliances to solar panels. All of these features can help make your luxury home better suited for hosting when it comes to the holidays. Who wants to run out of hot water or deal with poorly performing appliances in the kitchen or laundry room with guests around? Having a smart home designed with intentional functionality, energy efficiency, and sustainability in mind is essential to successful holiday hosting. 

No doubt, there are so many more details that go into hosting the holidays, from not overly tinseling your home to putting the turkey in the oven at the perfect time to crafting comfortable guest bedrooms. We just like to take the bigger details off your hands, like beautifully built living spaces and luxury kitchen designs. 

We Design Homes for Living In 

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that hosting holidays, family gatherings, or other events is about so much more than floor plans and open spaces. It’s about intentional time together. Having that intentional time in a space that is designed with functionality in mind means that the often stressful atmosphere of those events fades into the background, as the ease of use of your home shines through. The beauty of hosting is your ability to serve and care for those around you, and a home that equips you to do so can make those times and memories all the more meaningful. That is what we strive for here at Annadel Builders, whether designing luxury homes in Napa County or developing construction projects in Marin County. 

Interested in learning how to design a quality crafted home that exceeds your holiday hosting dreams? We are happy to help. Set up a consultation today.