Designing a home that feels warm, welcoming and inviting can seem like an intimidating process. As a luxury home builder in Sonoma County, Annadel Builders, Inc. is constantly striving to find the balance between high-end and home sweet home.

Homeowners don’t want their painstakingly designed home to feel too much like a homey shack or a cold mansion, but finding that middle ground takes thoughtfulness from blueprint to drywall to kitchen backsplash to interior decor. 

Especially when fall rolls around, having a cozy living space feels like an essential aspect of any home. The good news? We’ve got you covered on a quick guide to making your space warm and restful.

Ensure the Fireplace Makes a Statement

There are few things that evoke the idea of cozy more than a crackling fireplace on a crisp autumn evening. Having a fireplace that makes a statement in your home is a sure way to invite feelings of warmth far beyond the temperature in the room. A tastefully designed fireplace should include everything from the mantle to the hearth, creating a living space detail that can be an anchor for the entire room or area of the house. 

Beauty and functionality are important when it comes to fireplaces. Whether you prefer a sleek, frameless fireplace that trends towards modern design or a tall, bold fireplace that brings a luxury cabin feel to the home, a fireplace will score major cozy points for the entire household.  With the extensive diversity offered in fireplace designs, you can find the right style for your home taste.

Design a Welcoming Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It is the place where a family spends a large portion time meal prepping, gathering around the dining table, hanging out at the island, and catching up after a full day. You want your kitchen design to be beautiful and luxurious while still remaining inviting. One key feature that can help ensure a cozy home and kitchen is the double island. Having two islands allows for you to meal prep on one space and gather around the second island for eating, doing homework or crafts, game nights, and so much more. It adds functionality, warmth, and upscale design to your space. Other elevated kitchen features that can create a cozy atmosphere include custom window treatments, open cabinet designs, copper fixture touches, and unique tile selections.  

Create Green Space Within

While it might seem contradictory to creating more coziness by bringing the outside in, house plants can bring a great element to any space. They add peace, tranquility, and settledness to a home. Not to mention the fact that in addition to the natural beauty house plants offer, they also freshen up the air we breathe while eliminating harmful toxins. Essentially, adding green can be good for household health while providing a lovely aesthetic. From big tropical plants to sturdy succulents and delicate ferns, choosing the right plants to suit your home style and natural light is all a part of the process. 

Select Inviting Flooring Materials  

From hardwood to tile and everything in between, modern flooring options seem endless. The challenge that comes with this is selecting the best flooring type for your particular space, especially if your desired outcome is a home that is inviting and cozy. Utilizing lighter wood tones allows for a naturally brighter home, which can be complemented with warm red area rugs, natural jute mats, and a mixture of more rustic woods in other areas. While richer floor colors can be an excellent choice in the right setting, they can make a home feel instantly darker. This may seem to suit the “cozy” aesthetic, but you’ll want to create plenty of warmth with lamps and light fixtures, as well as lighter rugs to bring a welcoming aesthetic to the entire space. 

Invest in the Right Lighting

Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas in a home aesthetic is the lighting. Of course, the statement chandeliers and fixtures that hang above the kitchen table get plenty of attention — but what about those simple light bulbs in the living room area? Even light bulb temperature can play a major role in the comfort and warmth of a warm. It is important to design lighting that allows for flexibility in the mood. Incorporating light fixtures crafted from natural or woven materials can add a nice touch of coziness. Also be sure to assess the number of light fixtures in a room, from tableside lights to wall fixtures to floor lamps. Does each area of the home have enough? Too many? Do the designs and bulbs feel cold and industrial or add a touch of elegance and warmth to the space? Finding the right harmony is an important aspect of the cozy nature of your household. 

If you are beginning the home design process, Annadel Builders would be happy to discuss your luxury home plans. Let us help you curate the cozy home of your dreams!