Timelessness is something that everyone looks for in a home. Design fads come and go as quickly as the seasons. How can you know the kitchen design or living room décor you’ve chosen won’t look tacky and outdated in a few years? How can you be sure the latest trend won’t turn into a 21-st century disaster of shag carpet proportions? At Annadel Builders Inc., we are passionate about identifying innovation that remains beautiful, elegant, and sustainable in any age. Check out the seven principles we think you should consider as you design your custom home.

  1. Start by looking at homes in your neighborhood – If you want to custom build a home in Napa or Sonoma counties, the best place to start is by looking at what styles have already stood the test of time. Look at both old homes that remain fashionable and new homes that seem to already possess a timeless style. Compare the designs, colors, and styles of the homes. What qualities do they share?
  2. Plan your layout – While a home’s decorating scheme can alter over time, your layout will stay the same through the years. Because of this, it’s important that you choose a design that is practical and functional. Imagine your entertaining spaces fully occupied as you choose a floor plan. Is the space adequate? What about the kitchen? Is it too large/small for your lifestyle? Would removing an entry foyer give more living space and a feeling of openness to the room? Ask yourself questions such as these to maximize long-term utility and functionality in your floorplan.
  3. Build for the future – Build with future and current accommodations in mind. Carefully consider bedroom placement, accessibility, guest rooms, and storage, and make sure you’ve anticipated future needs so that you can plan for them in the original design.
  4. Choose quality – The one thing that never falls out of style, quality is about the degree of utility and excellence implicit in a design. While hard to define in absolute terms, quality certainly includes the use of higher-grade materials. To achieve a standard of quality, it’s requisite that you partner with California custom home builders who prioritize fine craftsmanship and sustainability as a core result. Look for companies with a record of conscientiousness and elegant design that stands the test of time.
  5. Avoid fad styles – Stay away from implementing all the latest trends. While things like décor can be easily modified as styles change, it’s a headache to change entire color schemes, large appliances, and flooring, so choose designs that can be adapted easily as changes occur. Think simple, yet sophisticated.
  6. Prioritize functionality – Without a doubt, a timeless home is functional. It easily and gracefully accommodates the demands made on it over a long span of time. Design with this goal in mind. Create rooms that are neither too big nor too small for your needs or furniture, and select fixtures that are elegant yet useful.
  7. Use natural materials – Materials such as wood, brick, and stone never fall out of style. They impart a sense of timelessness and authenticity to your home, and are more durable than synthetic alternatives. Try incorporating wood flooring, exposed brick walls, granite countertops, or a stone fireplace into your home.