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Nicasio home

Looking to revitalize your home exterior with a new color but not sure where to start? Choosing a color for your home exterior can feel like an unusually daunting decision. Not only will it be the first thing that anyone notices about your home, your home color is also something that’s not easily reversed.

It’s important to make style choices that not only reflect your unique preferences, but also represent a sustainable choice you’ll be satisfied with in the long run. Our Northern California green builders at Annadel Builders, Inc. care deeply about both aspects of design: Client satisfaction and long-term sustainability. To ease your decision-making process, we’ve compiled some tips to help you choose a color that will seamlessly blend with your home design while also making the type of statement you want.

  1. Consider the neighborhood context – If you live in a neighborhood, take a survey of the surrounding color scheme. Take into account context, precedent, and preference, then choose a color you’ll be most satisfied with in the long run.
  • Consider your home design – Design makes all the difference when it comes to paint color. It’s important to consider the obvious design features of your home. Is it crafted in a classical style? Modern? Farmhouse? Which hues best complement its design? After determining your favorite colors, consider how you can use them to highlight your home’s architectural features. Combine overall color scheme with smaller, eye-catching hues.
  • Consider the landscape – Which colors would best highlight your favorite aspects of the surrounding Wine Country landscape?
  • Consider your home’s construction materials – If your home built of stone or brick, you might choose a more vivid accent color for the doors and shutters to highlight the building’s natural, rustic beauty. In other cases, you may choose to update a brick exterior with a fresh coat of paint for a look evoking Old World luxury. In the case of the Nicasio home pictured at the top of this post, a bold blue section may seem counter-intuitive to the gorgeous redwood siding, but the result is picture perfect. Get a clear idea of what your home would look like using Sherwin-Williams’ Color Snap Visualizer or Valspar’s online painter.