Looking for design ideas for a new outdoor kitchen? Look no further! Our team has compiled some inspiration we love for outdoor kitchen designs that perfectly suit the upcoming warm weather in Marin and Napa counties. The first step toward finely crafted, sustainably constructed projects is selecting a design that best meets your needs. To help your search, we’ve highlighted some features of our favorite outdoor kitchen designs. Take a look and see if any of the designs match aspects of the kitchen you’re looking for.

  • If you’re someone who likes to entertain, chances are you’ll likely be using your outdoor kitchen for more than just cooking. This outdoor kitchen includes living space that allows you to cook and visit with your guests at the same time.
  • This design adds a fun twist to a traditional bar by including one poolside, allowing you to socialize and enjoy a drink while staying cool all at the same time.
  • This beautiful outdoor kitchen is located away from the home itself, providing the context for a view of the surrounding landscape and creating a separate architectural focal point. In case of poor weather, the roof ensures safety for your dinner party and any food you may be preparing.
  • Including a little architectural detail provides interest and texture to an otherwise simple design. Pergolas are fairly simple options that also provide an attachment site for both lighting and creeping vegetation—just be sure you don’t have climbing plants trailing anywhere near your grill!
  • Including a bar next to the grill facilitates social dining and promotes a shared culinary experience that will keep everyone engaged and interactive. In addition, this bar includes the added bonus of space efficiency and compactness for those with limited yard space.
  • For those who plan on cooking outdoors often, having an outside refrigerator can be a huge asset. Save time by keeping ingredients fresh and at hand in an outdoors fridge.
  • This elegant outdoor kitchen adds a chic, modern twist on design. Straight, clean lines, natural materials, and minimalism all contribute to a look like this.
  • Another important consideration are the appliances you want to include. Typically, you should to minimize appliances to only the things you’ll use regularly. Plan for a layout that facilitates efficiency and isn’t over dominated cooking equipment.
  • This spacious kitchen design includes extra seating, ceiling fans, and two TV screens! This open layout is great for people who plan on entertaining large groups.
  1. This kitchen beautifully incorporates natural elements of wood and stone to create a gentle and cohesive aura that effortlessly blends with surrounding foliage. Make sure you consider how your kitchen will fit in its outdoor setting, and look for designs that highlight your yard’s favorite aspects.

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